Job: Manufacturing Process Engineer

Title Manufacturing Process Engineer
Categories Day Shift, Engineering, Spirit Lake, IA
Department Engineering

Spirit Lake, IA

Job Type: Full-Time
  • Industrial Engineering, or relative degree from an accredited college or university; and,
  • Relative experience, preferred.
Pay Rate $60,000- $68,000 Pending on Experience
Start Date 2018-09-01
Job Description

Evaluates and makes recommendations specific to integrated production systems for managing industrial production processes including, but not limited to, human work factors, quality control, inventory control, logistics and material flow, cost analysis, and production coordination. All responsibilities of this position are carried out to meet the goals of providing a safe, clean, efficient work environment, as well as cost/production efficiency, and measurably increased product output.


  • Defines and documents production processes recognizing variables relating to various product specifications;
  • Works with managers and the environmental, health, and safety coordinator to identify and coordinate environmental, health, and safety initiatives;
  • Works with managers regarding engineering matters specific to manufacturing methods and process improvement;
  • Works with managers regarding matters specific to cell/department layout, facilities, and/or equipment design;
  • Develops manufacturing methods, labor utilization standards, and cost analysis systems to promote efficient staff, equipment and facility utilization;
  • Recommends methods for improving utilization of personnel, material, and utilities;
  • Plans and establishes sequence of operations to fabricate and assemble parts/products and to promote efficient utilization of resources;
  • Reviews production schedules, engineering specifications, orders, and all other related information to obtain knowledge of manufacturing methods, procedures, and activities;
  • Studies operations sequence, material flow, functional statements, organization charts, and project information to determine worker functions and responsibilities;
  • Communicates with management and user personnel to develop production and design standards;
  • Estimates production cost and effect of product design changes for management review, action, and control;
  • Secures price quotes within the scope of all of the above and submits them as appropriate for management approval;
  • Manages prototype and pre-production preparation;
  • May schedule and/or chair prototype meetings;
  • Populates and manages tool room work list as appropriate to essential job responsibilities;
  • Evaluates and submits product improvement requests (engineering change requests);
  • Performs related duties as assigned, or as the situation dictates;
  • Is a productive member of the Rosenboom team and adheres to, promotes and enforces all Rosenboom policies, including safety requirements/procedures, in order to ensure a safe working environment for all Rosenboom employees; and,
  • Habits of good attendance and punctuality are an essential responsibility of all Rosenboom job positions.
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