Job: Nightshift Production Supervisor

Title Nightshift Production Supervisor
Categories Management, Night Shift, Production, Sheldon, Iowa, Spirit Lake, Iowa
Department Supervisor

Spirit Lake, Iowa

Job Type: Full Time

Minimum of a 2-year Associates Degree preferred. High School diploma or GED required.

Pay Rate Based on Experience
Job Description
  • Provides daily and consistent leadership in the promotion and realization of Company goals
    • Considers immediate and long term implications in relationship to Company goals and makes workplace decisions accordingly
    • Works with fellow leadership personnel to promote employee growth and realize Company goals
    • Models and encourages mutual respect among Rosenboom employees
  • Represents Rosenboom in the interpretation and application of Company policy
    • Adheres to all Rosenboom policies
    • Enforces all safety regulations and demands employee actions that assure the safest possible work environment for all Rosenboom employees
    • Assists in the maintenance of time and production records
    • Documents significant workplace and employee issues
    • Recommends or initiates personnel actions, such as promotions, transfers, discharges or disciplinary measures
  • Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in any aspect of the manufacturing process,
    • Works with Scheduling department to complete job assignments on time
    • Studies production schedules and estimates worker-hour requirements for completion of job assignments
    • Establishes or adjusts work procedures to meet production schedules, based on equipment capacities and employee skill levels
    • Assigns duties to department personnel, accordingly
    • May supervise and/or coordinate department work activities with department workgroup leaders
    • May confer with other supervisors to coordinate activities of individual departments
    • Communicates with department members regarding matters of process, production procedures, policy and all other relative Company matters, as appropriate
    • Interprets specifications, blueprints, and job orders to department personnel
    • Recommends measures to improve production methods, equipment performance, and quality of product, and suggests changes in working conditions and/or use of equipment to increase department and/or shop efficiency
    • Identifies existing and potential problems and works with other personnel to resolve the issue
    • Assumes responsibility for the implementation and continued maintenance of department/cell production procedures
    • Assumes responsibility for the documentation of the additions or revisions to department process and procedure documents
    • Analyzes and resolves work related problems and/or assists department members in solving work related problems
    • Encourages department members to share in the problem solving process
  • Demonstrates commitment to individual employee professional growth and achievement
    • Consistently and frequently communicates performance expectations to employees and demonstrates a personal commitment to the employee’s realization of the same
    • Collects and analyzes data specific to employee performance
    • Recommends, provides and/or facilitates employee training
    • Initiates or suggests plans to motivate employees to achieve work goals
  • Oversees the quality of assigned department’s product, may verify conformance of finished work piece to specifications via first and last part piece inspections and enter required data into computer
  • May set up machines and equipment, may repair machine tools
  • Champion continuous improvement in the department (Kaizen, Lean Mfg)
  • Is a productive member of his/her workgroup and adheres to all Rosenboom policies, including safety requirements/procedures and maintaining a clean organized work area, in order to ensure a safe working environment for all Rosenboom employees


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