Job: Painter (Nightshift)

Title Painter (Nightshift)
Categories Night Shift, Paint Line, Sheldon, IA
Department Paint Line

Sheldon, Iowa

Job Type: Full Time

High School degree or GED  preferred

Pay Rate Up to $22.00 per hour + $3.00 per hour premium
Job Description


Paints and identifies products and components by customer, number and/or color; loads and unloads components/products from and/or to pallets, carts, machines, conveyors, etc.

  • Correctly identifies products/components by customer and/or color
  • Moves products/components to and/or within work area
  • Loads and unloads components/products from and/or to pallets, carts, machines, conveyors, etc.
  • Demonstrates a working understanding of the basic procedures of preparing cylinders before paint (how to hang, whether to use plugs, grease, etc)
  • Identifies and properly uses the Kanban list
  • Correctly uses the scheduled shipment by using shipping schedule or computer
  • Understands and operates the various machines used in the painting process
  • Uses proper painting techniques and paint troubleshooting
  • Pallets products/components using the basic knowledge of palleting and pallet building (pallet size, using foam, radius boards, etc.)
  • Correctly inspects and identifies rejected cylinders before or after painting (broken plugs, bad welds, missing bushings, light or heavy paint, etc.) and corrects various paint defects
  • May enter required data into computer
  • Keeps work area clean and organized
  • Performs preventative equipment maintenance
  • Keeps track of paint inventory
  • Practices good work habits including being productive and efficient, staying busy by seeing work, being dependable, clean and organized in work area, etc.
  • Is a productive member of his/her workgroup and adheres to all Rosenboom policies, including safety requirements/procedures, in order to ensure a safe working environment for all Rosenboom employees
  • Habits of good attendance and punctuality are an essential responsibility of all Rosenboom job positions.
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