Job: Robotic Welder (3rd Shift)

Title Robotic Welder (3rd Shift)
Categories Bowling Green, Ohio, Welding
Department Welding

Bowling Green, Ohio

Job Type: Full-Time
Pay Rate up to $22.40 per hour
Job Description
  • Welds components for hydraulic cylinders, rods, and tubes;
  • Tacks components to be welded by the robot;
  • Feeds parts to robot with as little down time as possible;
  • Keeps welding spatter to a minimum, using spat guards and/or prohibiters as appropriate;
  • Removes spat with manual or power equipment as necessary;
  • Monitors and corrects weld defects (cold lap, porosity, undercut, etc.);
  • Performs daily robot maintenance (cleanup, check for loose connections, etc.);
  • Enters required information to computer;
  • Completes routing sheets according to next required process;
  • Directs part overruns to correct location(s);
  • Washes all parts and components before welding;
  • Completes welding processes according to production standards;
  • Sets up tack fixtures and robotic work centers according to production standards;
  • Is a productive member of his/her workgroup and adheres to all Rosenboom policies, including safety requirements/procedures, in order to ensure a safe working environment for all Rosenboom employees; and,
  • Habits of good attendance and punctuality are an essential responsibility of all Rosenboom job positions.
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