Job: Saw Operator (Dayshift)

Title Saw Operator (Dayshift)
Categories Blanking, Day Shift, Sheldon, IA
Department Blanking

Sheldon, IA

Job Type: Full-Time

High school diploma or GED, preferred.

Pay Rate Up to $16.50/hour
Job Description

Tend to one or more machine tools to produce parts according to the specifications provided. Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, gathering material, setting up and running machines, maintaining the quality and progress of parts, and performing the required maintenance.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Records material used for each job;
  • Lift work piece manually or using hoist and secures work piece in fixture or loads automatic feeding device;
  • Start and monitor machining processes;
  • Performs accurate and timely inspections required by the print/job sheet, and/or workgroup leaders, the quality assurance manager, or a manufacturing manager;
  • Identifies (including nonconforming dimensions) and separates all nonconforming parts;
  • Seals parts with rust preventative, as required;
  • Produces parts at a rate which meets or exceeds accepted production standards;
  • Performs secondary operations and inspections, including deburring and cleaning parts produced, as cycle time permits;
  • May move machine controls and guides to adjust machine;
  • May replace worn machine accessories, such as cutting tools or brushes;
  • May add coolant to machine reservoir and turn valve to start flow of coolant;
  • Counts finished parts and packs them neatly into a clean container;
  • Enters required data into computer;
  • Keeps machine and tools clean, properly lubricated and in good operating condition;
  • May assume general labor responsibilities, other than machine operation, as assigned;
  • Practices good work habits including, but not limited to, being productive and efficient, staying busy by seeing work, being dependable, clean, and organized in work area;
  • Habits of good attendance and punctuality are an essential responsibility of all Rosenboom job positions; and
  • Is a productive member of his/her workgroup and adheres to all Rosenboom policies, including safety requirements/procedures and maintaining a clean organized work area, in order to ensure a safe working environment for all Rosenboom employees.


  • Process and flaw detection monitoring techniques as determined necessary by management personnel;
  • On-site training specific to job responsibilities, and
  • Continuing education as made available and/or required by Rosenboom.
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